My Own Fleeting Thoughts - 10/6

While perusing through my latest drugstore triumphs, the November Harper's Bazaar and Elle magazines, I'm stunned to find gorgeous ads featuring some of the greatest supermodels of the '90s. What I find even more extraordinary though, is that page after glossy page has images of almost ageless faces - those I remember clearly from the same high-end fashion mags I read while still in college over a decade ago. Linda Evansgelista prim and proper in lace from Prada, Claudia Schiffer now for Salvatore Ferragamo, Stephanie Seymour seductively posed in lingerie from Chantelle Paris, a statuesque Naomi Campbell still sexy in Yves St. Laurent, Christie Turlington for Roberto Coin Jewelry, and still popular Kate Moss for Longchamp Paris and Donna Karan.

What is perhaps most remarkably different? Not the still stunning icons of supermodel stardom whose faces show little indication that they are now older. Nor this season's references by some designers that seem to pay homage to days past. Look carefully at the designer logo and you might just see a website URL. :)

So, even after surviving a heyday of star status in the '90s, these faces still evoke undeniable glamour. Its wonderful to see faces that I still remember. Its even better that there seems to be a trend to continue showcasing beauty beyond our early 20's.

I am in love.
Smitten with fashion again.
And now not feeling too old.