Exposed Beauty Secrets - Lush Lashes

So we all crave those amazing lashes that we see girls in our favorite cosmetics and magazine ads sporting. We all are familiar with mascara as a savior for accentuating lashes, but are often left unfulfilled when we notice that mascara doesn't neccessarily give us that same effect we see in advertisements. Here are a few insider secrets for how to achieve this look.

False lashes:
Applying false lashes are by far my favorite method of achieving that lush lash and dramatic eye look.

Strip false eyelashes - There are so many options here, but some of my favorites are by Red Cherry (which can be found at discount stores for around $1.50 - $3.00). ModLash and Ardell also have great styles that can be found at your local drugstore. Two of my favorite styles are the Ardell #101 and ModLash #33 (a much more dramatic look for evening). Red Cherry #20 is very similar to Ardell #101 with a little more length. There are also wispy styles that really can lend themselves to a sexy Christina Aguilera cat-eye. MAC lashes and those from Red Cherry offer some lashes that are perfect for achieving this look. When attempting, try to cut these lashes in half and apply just to the outer corner of the eye. With some liquid black eyeliner or some gel eyeliner this gives you a dreamy Marilyn Monroe eye.

Before you start, I recommend finishing any of your other eye makeup application including, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and any curling of lashes and application of mascara to your natural lashes prior to application of falsies.

A few pointers for newbies to false lash application:

1.) Trim the lashes to fit your eye. Most of the lashes readily available on the market are too long for many eyes. Using small scissors, remove the lashes from the tray and trim off the outer edge of the strip to accommodate the length of your eye. When I use lashes, this generally translates to trimming the outer 1/4 or 1/3 of the lash strip and applying from near the inner edge of above my pupil to the outer corner of my eyelid.

2.) After trimming, apply a quality glue such as DUO adhesive. DUO can be found at most major drugstores as well as MAC cosmetics counters. Allow this adhesive to dry and flex the band of the lashes while you allow the glue to become tacky (around 30 - 45 seconds).

3.) Apply close to your lashline (near where you apply eyeliner above the lashline, but NOT the same as when you tightline eyeliner). Try not to apply the band to your lashes since this will result in pulling on your natural lashes upon removal of your falsies. Some people find using tweezers or a lash applicator helpful for application, but I just use both hands at either end of the lashes and applying using a mirror.

4.) Practice! Although it seems hard at first to apply, with a few tries this really does become a cinch. Trust me girls, this is much easier than inserting contact lenses for the first few times!

Individual false eyelashes - Ardell also offers some great false lashes for those who would prefer a more natural look or to enhance their natural lashes or areas that have become sparse with hair. Using falsies that are individual takes a bit more patience and time but really can be just as easy to apply. I use a different glue for these lashes such as the glue included in the Ardell individual lash packaging and tweezers for application. The key in applying these is to carefully use tweezers and only dip the end of the lash into glue. It helps tremendously to allow the glue to fully become tacky and hold the lash bundle a few seconds with tweezers until the lash takes hold. This helps to prevent the "upside down or sideways lash" that can result from application prior to the glue fully drying.

Eyelash extensions:

These professionally applied lashes are individually attached by a trained technician and can be worn for an extended period of time. They may not provide the same dramatic look as fake eyelashes, but allow the wearer to have lashes that look more natural and allow for extended wear. You should be aware however that as your natural lashes grow out, you will need to return to a trained technician for removal with a special eye-safe lash remover and re-application of new lashes will be required to maintain this look and for upkeep.

New lash growth serum:

RevitaLash ( is currently receiving rave reviews for its ability to encourage lash growth of your own natural lashes when applied above the lashline regularly. The results seem to take about 1-2 months before noticable differences in fullness and length are realized. I'm excited to hear about a product such as this, but the current pricing on this product is expensive at about $95-$125.

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