My Fleeting Thoughts - 10/21

I've never considered myself a fan of Halloween or costumes nonetheless. There is just something about gore and fear that I've never been quite able to enjoy. Whether it was watching the latest gore on film, or madly running from costumed bodies jumping out of the darkness at the local theme park, I was simply never a fan.

So as in years past, it was only reluctantly that I would trek to the local party store in search for a costume to don on All Hallow's Eve. There is just something about the rubbery masks of horror that I never did stomach well. I was even less so the type to dress my pet for the occasion. Then again, until this year, I haven't owned a pet in a very long time (let's just say its been over a decade). Since this past February changed all of that when we added a furry friend to the family, the boyfriend and I received an invitation to a doggy dress-up Halloween party this year. And after Googling "pet dog halloween costume" I was shocked how many options are available. Being that I had but a day to find a costume for our furbaby, I decided to just visit the local PetSmart. So with that stylish girls, I present to you a little Halloween costume fun courtesy of my reluctant-to-wear-a-costume pooch. Enjoy and have a safe and fun Halloween!




My thoughts...exactly said...

Cute puppy costume! :) I'll convince the hubby to take our dog costume-shopping for halloween too.

Kristin Joy said...

Adorable puppy costumen..! PETsMART is my favorite too.

chaosblues said...

Love it!!