Diva on a Dime - Leather & Shiny Leggings

Albeit somewhat a bold statement, everyone from Rag & Bone to Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy Couture are featuring shiny and leather leggings. If you are looking to unleash your inner rock star, here are some more affordable alternatives:

Forever 21 High Gloss Legging $13.80 (http://www.forever21.com/)

American Apparel Shiny Legging RSAC306 $42.00 (http://www.americanapparel.net/)

Bebe Leather Leggings (http://www.bebe.com/)
Tell me ladies, would you try this look?


wuzzyangel said...

I can't pull off leggings, but these are pretty hot!! I see these and I think of xpinkx

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Mia Reyes said...

Leather (faux or the real deal) leggings are definitely a hot piece to invest in. It's both classic, and edgy, and even years later, it's a trend that's not going anywhere. Especially when Kanye made the whole "FEN-DI LEATH-ER JOG-GING PANT" thing a thing. Invest in something like this:




And it'll be the piece that keeps on giving!